The protagonists of our virtual gallery: the creations on show are as different as their artists. The results as different as the underlying technique. We are constantly condensing this network, locally, regionally and internationally.

David Kaplan
born 1984 in Zurich, Switzerland, lives and works in Zurich. Started to explore his SLR at the age of 6, develops his style autodidacticly, is particularly known for his unusual landscape pictures.

Serie: Stadt & Land

Webseite David Kaplan

Elvira Kaspar
Zurich, trained and passionate photographer, self employed for 7 years

Panoramamotiv: Limmatplatz

Webseite Elvira Kaspar

Falk von Traubenberg - Fotografie

Falk von Traubenberg
Started a career as a free lance photographer after he finished his studies in architecture. His main focus is on architecture- and theatre photography. Has an atelier in Hamburg.

Serie: Transformationen

Webseite Falk von Traubenberg

Lutz Becker - Fotografie

Lutz Becker
(1957) Solingen, studied Media and Economy and subsequently studied Photography under F.A Wagner. Worked for years (with variable enjoyment!) as a journalistic and advertising photographer.

Serie: Still Flowers

Franziska Bliggenstorfer - Fotografie

Franziska Bliggenstorfer
(1979) Zurich, where she lives and works. Won the second Zurich Lomo rally in 2002.

Serie: Lomografien

Tres Camenzind - Fotografie

Tres Camenzind
(1963) Realp/CH, has been working as a professional photographer for media and advertisement campaigns since 1992.  The majority of his work is portraits, documentation or still life. Lives and works at Josefstrasse in Zurich.

Serie: Wiederbeleben

Webseite Tres Camenzind

Dirk Dähmlow - Fotografie

Dirk Dähmlow
(1970) Wurzen/ Saxony. One of the two founders of, a rep office for photographers  and a media agency in Berlin.

Serie: Berlin

Webseite die Photodesigner

Ken Schluchtmann - Fotografie

Ken Schluchtmann
(1970) Salzgitter, Lebenstedt, Lower Saxony. One of the two founders of, a rep office for photographers  and a media agency in Berlin.

Serie: Architektur

Webseite die Photodesigner

Michael Lio - Fotografie

Michael Lio
(Winterthur) worked as freelance photographer since his degree in 2003 at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Zürich (HGKZ).

Serie: Polarnacht

Website Michael Lio

H.-R. Rohrer - Fotografie

H.-R. Rohrer
(1960) Lives and works in Zurich

Serie: Waldstücke

Webseite H.-R. Rohrer

Bernd Schuller - Fotografie

Bernd Schuller
Geboren 1968 in Rumänien. 1981 Umzug nach Köln. Auftragsarbeiten unter anderen für Spiegel, Focus, Stern, Financial Times Deutschland, Handelszeitung. Lebt und schafft seit 2002 in München.

Serie: Sibiu bei Nacht

Webseite Bernd Schuller

Tina Steinauer - Fotografie

Tina Steinauer
Geboren 1975 in Zürich. Fotografiert seit 1998 erfolgreich für Medien und Werbung in den Bereichen People und Wellness. Seit 2004 nicht mehr im Maag Areal, sondern am Zürichberg.

Serie: Wurzelsuche