Scope of delivery

Included in the delivery is the image of your choice, which we transfer in photographic quality onto a transparent special lamination foil. This lamination will be bonded to the acrylic front panel which guarantees brilliant colour, excellent reproduction of details and high saturation. The material has a life span of over 60 years under normal indoor conditions.

The certificate of authenticity will be signed by hand by the photographer, which will then identify your picture. This way the artist is being notified of another LUMINATOR installation with one of his works.

The metal framework and electronic and electrical inside life of the LUMINATOR is being crafted by a highly specialized small Swiss manufacturer. With the ability to dim its brightness, the LUMINATOR is intended for interior use.

We offer two formats for the LUMINATOR: the standard size (90×60 cm) or the panorama size (150×60 cm). They can obviously be combined to portray even bigger images, e.g. 3 standard LUMINATORs next to each other or 2 panorama ones.

Prices vary and depend very much on the photograph that is being used. Please contact us for further details.