Different photographers

Various photographers: works of different artists in a panoramic format – this means the picture was taken with a panoramic camera, where a wide picture is being captured by, for example, pivoting the lens. Not to be confused with a wide angle or digitally post edited picture!

Irrespective of the underlying image, we always need to sweep our sights in order to grasp the entire picture and this works particularly well in the wide Luminator format.  A dramatic impact.


Seebad Photographie: Bernd Schuller


Hardbrücke Photographie: Roland Aeschimann


Idaplatz Photographie: Roland Aeschimann

Fischtheke HongKong

Fischtheke HongKong Photographie: Matthias Fiegl

Vollmond am Ikasak Fjord

Vollmond am Ikasak Fjord Photographie: R. Aeschimann


Limmatplatz Photographie: Elvira Kaspar

Verschiedene Fotografen
Arbeiten von verschiedenen Photographen im Panoramaformat.


Panorama 01

Panorama 02

Panorama 03

Panorama 04

Panorama 05