Which images can be used in the LUMINATOR?
We exclusively offer selected photographs for the LUMINATOR, which have been chosen carefully for its use. If you wish to commission your own photographer or would like us to organize one for you, please let us know. There is a possibility to use your own pictures, but please contact us to make sure they are suitable and to organize their proper transfer to foil.

What formats exist for the LUMINATOR?
We provide the LUMINATOR in 2 sizes: Standard (90 x 60 x 7 cm) and Panorama (150 x 60 x 7 cm)

What is the price for a LUMINATOR?
Prices vary depending on size and the underlying photograph, please contact us for further details.

How can I mount a LUMINATOR?
The LUMINATOR is prepared for wall mounting, it only needs 2 plugs and 2 wall screws.

Can I change the pictures myself?
Yes, you can swap pictures over in no time – without the need to dismount or take off the LUMINATOR itself, you only need to carefully lift off the image from the front on its velcro straps and press the new one in place. Diligence is needed, as with all photographic material, to avoid scratches or other damage.

Where can I see a LUMINATOR?
Seeing is believing, hence there is no better way to experience the feeling and the quality of Swiss craftsmanship than to see for yourself. You can see a LUMINATOR at any of our partners or contact us and we will arrange a convenient appointment.

Which lamps are being used?
The LUMINATOR uses 4 standard neon lamps with 21 or 35 watts, type “universal white”. They are easily available at a lamp specialist or online.