A lighting installation combining photography, design and art. The LUMINATOR is a lightbox which has been especially designed to reproduce photography.

Which images can be used? There are 3 options: First, pick one of the pictures from one of our partner photographers from the exclusive series in the gallery section. Secondly, you commission a photographer of your choice to create a picture exclusively for you. There may be a special place or object that is very close to your heart, which you would like to eternalise on your wall. Thirdly, you may use a photo of your own, we can consult you on how to achieve the best results.

To really appreciate the effect of a LUMINATOR we strongly recommend that you have a look at one in real life, here with us or with one of our partners, as we feel that only then can its aspect and impact really be appreciated. A picture of a picture does not do it justice!

Open platform: Thema also sees itself as a platform for other projects which touch on photography. If you are interested, be it as a photographer, interior designer or designer, please feel free to contact us.